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Looks like the electronic shift lever is really easy to use?

Public date: 2017-06-01 23:23:14

With the development of science and technology, the configuration of the car to the "luxury", "technology", "fashion" direction, as the driver often operate the shift lever, the major depot is under the foot of the effort, led by BMW manufacturers Electronic shift lever. From a technical point of view, the electronic shift lever high degree of freedom, location, form of flexible, there are representative of the BMW electronic cable type, Mercedes-Benz arms, Land Rover's knob and Lincoln button type. In the face of different electronic shift lever models, many old drivers are not very familiar, but the tall electronic shift lever is really impeccable?

Electronic shift lever with a more secure, fast electronic control mode, all using electronic signals instead, it is the advantage of the driver's shift error operation by the computer to determine whether the damage to the transmission, so as to better Protect the transmission and correct the driver's bad shift habits.