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Advantages and popularity of electronic gears

Public date: 2017-08-04 15:57:57

  Electronic gear shift

     At present, the market is equipped with electronic lever models commonly seen in some high-end models or new energy vehicles. For example, before a large evaluation of most of our BMW models have spirit for the new LaCrosse, the electronic rod praised, with knob type button and Jaguar Land Rover, Lincoln and Honda crown road party. Shift handle and convenience were better than general mechanical through the rod, especially BMW 8AT electronic rod, either hand or logic, are the benchmark.

BMW's push rod shift,industry benchmark


Lincoln's keypad and the jaguar knobs

The electric pole of the buick lacrosse

The following small series to provide you with professional electronic lever design,structure,principle analysis


Using electromagnetic induction principle, permanent magnet is installed at the lower or the side of the gear shift lever. As the permanent magnet Holzer sensor is shifted, the magnetic induction intensity at different positions is induced so as to form corresponding different triggering states to be transmitted to the transmission box to realize shift operation.


Lesss pace occupation

Provide flexible installation for other components

More durable

3、Let's take a brief look at the explosion diagram of the electronic lever assembly:


       The user of the electronic lever, as long as the door is open and the seat belt is not buckled, the vehicle can not hang the D block and the R gear at any time in any case. (BMW). That is, as long as you don't put on the P block and take the seat belt to open the door, the car will automatically mount the P gear, which is also a very good error proofing device in the manufacturing industry. In the anti fault measures spent a lot of brains and the Honda crown, in order to prevent the misuse of hang into the R block, set up a special picks, P, N, D block and R block to press down, would need to back, novice driver, also not afraid to hang the wrong gear.

Key type shift crown Road,my mother never up if I hand the wrong gear

     More and more cars have begun to use electronic rod, electric signal transmission shift information can be self to some mechanical structure, can make the control space as a storage space, such as the Buick lacrosse, retaining rod under the hollow space can put some pieces of debris.

The electronic bar provides additional attachment.A large number of empty Lu

      Under the increasing cost control of the main factory, some complicated mechanical components will be replaced by electronic parts more and more. The future of electronic gear shift must be bright.

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